Each county has nearly 50,000 – 150,000 high school students. Within a target area of one church, that could be nearly 300,000 students, depending on where your church sits in the city. With the number of students that attend youth groups, this shows we need something more. This realization proves that we cannot champion this 1:1. So what can we do?


Students are told to go be the hands and feet of Jesus. But how often is it said, “It’s too hard because I don’t have time.” Or “I don’t know any other Christians to help.” Students, from the ages of 14-18 are required to attend a high school in their community. That’s 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for 180 days. I think this alone is proof that God’s plan for student ministries is to have a strong presence in the public high school system. These students have a bigger pool of students to reach than any church could ever have – and it’s at their fingertips… To teach, grow with, and do life with. Why not start a revolution within the high school to bring God’s love to the lost? As we network as pastors, why don’t students network from different youth groups that attend the same school, weekly, to see this revolution take place?


Who We Are:

A gathering of students unleashed to bring the hope of Jesus into our schools by radically living out our faith.  The Uprising is a place where students rally together to see God move on our school campus.  It’s a place where we are encouraged and enable to go and be the hope of Jesus in classes, hallways, lunchrooms, and any other place that students are. Uprising is a place for high school students to live out their faith where life happens.  We understand that God does not need to be brought into the schools, He is already there, He just needs to be revealed.

Why We Exist:

To intentionally reach those who are far from God.  At the heart of the Uprising is a desire to reach those who are outside the church.  We exist to intentionally try and bridge the gap between the lost and their pursuit of God.  Each time a student draws nearer to the redemption line is a cause to celebrate the work that God is doing! Along with how intentional we are, we exist to help those that are far from God and enter into a fully surrendered and vibrant relationship with Jesus.

What We Care About:

Risk – Ownership – Evangelism.  Everything the Uprising does throughout the year will look through the lens of Risk, Ownership, and Evangelism.  When a student leaves the Uprising, they should be able to clearly identify these as the core values.  The value of Risk is to encourage students not to just hold onto their faith but take risks to reach those that are far from God.  The value of Ownership for every student in the Uprising is to be responsible for living out their faith in their school.  And the value of Evangelism is shown through every student that becomes equipped to share his or her faith through what Uprising offers.

For more details about an Uprising or to start one near you, contact me:


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