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Living Missionally, As A Student?

Just recently, a couple of student asked me about the new church that we’re planting in Roselle, IL. As I got into it, they quickly stopped me. I got a little nervous as they sat there staring at the table then at one another. I was thinking, “well they probably think this is the stupidest thing they’ve heard.” I tried to reassure them that this was something we felt God was calling us to. They quietly laughed and said, “there’s no doubt about that!” Confused, I asked them to continue. They continued, “This is the best idea a church has had in a long time; the idea of living missionally, a church for the neighborhood…I love it!” The others agreed with a nod. Surprised that these guys had never heard or even comprehended the idea of a missional church, this got me excited.

I started to explain some more, talking about the people of Acts and the way the church started; going into the stories of the disciples living out their faith, bringing Christ to the neighborhoods, not just bringing the neighborhoods to the church. Then talked about celebrating what had happened during the week as they gather together — this would be our church. They seemed excited – then stumped. They asked, “this seems awesome for our parents and people that own homes to chat with neighbors, but what does this mean for us? How do we as students live missionally?”

This was the question I was waiting for them to ask. I answered their question with another question. “Similarly to your parents, people that own homes, people that are always in the neighborhood; where do you spend the majority of your time?” They responded, “school, part-time jobs, sports, etc.” I left it silent for them to figure it out.. and when they did, the expressions were a mixture of surprised, pure excitement and scared. It made a lot of sense to me because I felt the same way when I realized that I could, as a student, live missionally – intentionally be Jesus where I am; in my school, at my job and with my friends.