About Mark and Ali

Mark is a brother, a son, a husband, a musician, a youth pastor and one that believes strongly in the incredible realities of Jesus. His passion drives him to try and live and love like Jesus every day. Mark grew up in Palatine, about 15 minutes north of The Ten. Growing up in a Christian home, he understood and believed the concept of God, but it wasn’t until high school that God changed the way he viewed life and the world through Christ’s love. While coming to the understanding and to the reality that we have one life to live (from a young life full of trials, tragedies, opportunities, challenges and celebrations), a phrase started to develop that is now tattooed on his right arm, “What will you do with your one and only life?”  He strives to love others in a way that shows who Christ is. He continually states that it’s one thing to say you love Christ, it’s another to say it and live it.


Ali is a lover of all things horses, baking, scrap booking and has a desire for others to know the heart of God. Ali grew up in Sleepy Hollow, about 30 minutes west of The Ten. Ali has a passion for sharing the redemptive story of Christ with others, especially with students. Through this new journey that God has her on as a missionary within her own zip-code, she’s ready to bring the hope of Jesus to the neighbors and students that surround her. 

Ali’s Blog


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