Day Of Rest

After working in ministry for such a short time, I find it fascinating how fast things move. Things continually come and go, new ideas spring up and get implemented, students come in and then graduate. It all flies by! I remember sitting in my high school classrooms waiting for the day to be over or waiting for the week to be over just so I could sit and rest. It seemed like high school took forever. I liked how slow it went – I could sit and reflect on the day, things I could improve, ways I could be better friendships and work on bringing Christ into conversations. Now things seem to go so fast. The last 5 years seemed to have flown by.

Over the last week, I’ve been on vacation; taking time to unwind and prepare myself for the next year of ministry – not to mention, take a few moments and reflect on what God has done over the last few years and look forward to this new transition. But out of all of the relaxation, touring and fun times, this vacation certainly brought out an important idea.. the importance of a day of rest. It’s no mystery to me why statistically, clergy and people in ministry are at the top of the list in “burning out”, failed marriages and families that fall apart – all because we work so hard and then decide to work harder.

When it comes to this idea of rest and investing time and energy into our family, it’s important to remember what’s important. God never calls us to and never wants us to burn out and have failed marriages and let families fall apart. So what is important? Here’s a great way to look at it – someone shared this with a great friend that shared this with me.

Your relationship with:
1 – Christ
2 – Spouse
3 – Kids
4 – Your unsaved neighbors
5 – The staff and the people you work with

Oh – And don’t forget your day of rest. — Exodus 20:8-10 


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