Why Do You Try and Get Followers on Twitter?

I was walking down the street of Chicago a few months ago and was utterly shocked by what stood in front of me. There was a woman, maybe in her mid-twenties, standing on a box on the corner of a street holding a sign and yelling, “Follow me on Twitter!” I couldn’t help but smirk and think, “There is no way I’m following that lady on twitter…”  Not too shortly after that, on my way home, I saw a sign on the side of the truck that said, “Learn more about me, follow me on twitter.” Seriously… Someone ordered advertising space to try and gain followers?? For the last few weeks, I tried to figure it out.. Why do people go crazy with social media?

For some – we try and get friends on Facebook to see a little window into the lives of people we hardly know, OR, we slowly fade away from friendships, so instead of reengaging or making a phone call or going out for a bite to eat, we feel that our “Facebook Friendship” is suffice so we don’t need to continue from there. This only brought me to the conclusion, so what is Facebook really for? But that’s in a whole conversation of it’s own. I have my thoughts on that…

But with Twitter on the other hand, why do some go above and beyond to get the most number of followers? Why does someone want followers in the first place? Isn’t that kind of stalkerish? I understand why one would follow another person on Twitter; the idea that one might have something quality enough to say in under 140 characters. But therefore, on the other end, why does someone want so many followers? Is there a social status that one reaches when they get passed 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000 followers? I saw an ad the other day that stated, “I can get you over 500,000 followers… All you have to do is give me your username, password and $150.” Really, so now we want Twitter followers so badly, that we’re paying for them?

Do you use Twitter to gain followers and want to see the proof that you might have something interesting to say? Do you use it to hear what others have to say – enhance your knowledge, the ability to do your job or something more important? Or is there a different reason?

Why do you use Twitter?


2 thoughts on “Why Do You Try and Get Followers on Twitter?

  1. I normally post verses on my twitter. I dont really try and get a lot of followers but the more, in this case, the better. i have had people tell me that the verses i post sometime are just what they needed. so the more followers, the more people i can reach, well the more people God could reach through me.

  2. I agree with what Jesse said. I really don’t care how many followers I have. My numbers fluctuate up and down all of the time. One day it says 52 or something and it seems like the next day it will say 49, lol. I just say to myself, “Oh, just lost another 3.” It’s not that big of a deal to me. My whole purpose for using twitter is to drive traffic to my blog so that I can spread the reality of God’s existance and His wonderful nature. Good post! I know there are twitter addicts out there and it’s just like a drug addict, they are driven. It’s sad really. God bless, Teresa

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