God Sightings

How often do you walk through your day continually seeking out God’s movement in your life? As a junior in high school, I had a leader tell me one time, “Today, go through your day conscience of the things God puts in your path.” I was quickly confused, as I had no idea how I was going to be able to see God move through me, day by day; assuming He in only moved in incredibly huge ways. Regardless, I took the challenge. The next day, I remember walking through the hallway and in and out of my classes, eager to see God move. I will never forget one simple thing that happened that changed the way I viewed God’s movement in my life.

We were sitting in taco bell with a couple of buddies when I completely tuned out of the conversation we were having and noticed a high school student about 2 years younger ordering his food. He ordered his meal and asked for a cup of water. The total came out and as he reached into the bottom of his pockets, he looked up with eyes that provided a look of, “I don’t have any money.”  His look quickly turned from panicked to disappointed as he came to the realization, “I’m not going to have lunch today.”

All of a sudden the couple behind him stopped him and offered to pay for his meal.  He immediately denied their offer and continued to walk. Then the man said, “Sorry, I already paid for it,” as he handed the cashier his credit card.

In that moment, I was hit with a sense of God’s movement. In that instant, I came to the realization God sightings in my life aren’t always huge. They aren’t incredibly life changing, but they are always moments that prove God’s love for me. The God sighting at Taco bell that day was simple and small and took about 60 seconds, but it helped me understand that God loves people, and because God loves people, people should love people in everything they do. Continue to look for the God moments in your day; the big ones and the little ones.


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