Jesus’ Power

Today I had the privilege to hear Jon Ferguson speak at CCC – Yellowbox campus. He spoke on the fact that Jesus is our hero. Normal superheroes can fly, reflect bullets, fight bad guys like no one else can, etc. He shared that Christ also had a list of “powers.” He can heal the sick, give sight to the blind, walk on water, calm storms, and more but His number one power is serving.

Here’s a bit of what he shared that kept people thinking and at the edge of their seats:
Did you know that only 26% of people say that they serve others? That the average person only gives 2% of their income to charitable causes? Serving is not in my identity. We wait for a thank you, for someone to notice for what we’ve done or what we gave; but Jesus says to let serving become your identity. Jon shared that there are usually three categories that cause us to become servants.

The first is we serve because of what we get out of it.
The second is we serve for what others get out of it. But that causes us to question, what happens if I don’t see the results, and what happens if I don’t feel the impact my serving makes on others? Will I then stop?
The third is I serve because it’s who I am. He shared that Yo-yo Ma doesn’t play music for the applause but because it’s who he is. Michael Jordan didn’t play basketball for the number of attendants in the stands but because it’s who he is. Jesus didn’t serve for the recognition, He served because it’s who is.

But it’s not just for us to go out and do more things… It’s more than that. It’s about becoming Christ-like. When we take on the characteristics of Jesus, we take on the power of Jesus. But do we really want that? Do you really want the power of Jesus? If so, can you risk that your serving will go unnoticed? Can you be okay with serving and not getting a thank you. Can you serve if no one is around? Can you be okay with it becoming a lifestyle, becoming who you are?


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