Solitude with God

It’s very easy for us to get used to spending time with God and forget who we’re actually talking to. Whether we pick up the bible and say a quick prayer in 5 minutes or fall asleep talking to God at night, we can easily lose sight of the fact that the creator of the universe, God, wants to spend time with us. This was a great word from Jeff Griffin at yesterday’s staff meeting that I found to be a great reminder. This morning, I used this template to aid in my quiet time with God and some cool things came up between God and me.

1. Acknowledge His Presence – Exodus 33:11a – “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.”

2. Clear the Air – Exodus 33:15-17

3. Ask to See His Glory – Exodus 33:18 – “Then Moses said, ‘Now show me your glory.’”

4. Study the Bible – Exodus 34:6 – As God manifests Himself physically, He manifests Himself verbally.

5.  Worship – Exodus 34:8 –“Moses bowed to the ground at once and worshiped.

6. Commit – Exodus 34:27

7. Shine – Exodus 34:29

If you’re having trouble when it comes to finding a great way to spend time with God, try and use the 7 pieces in your quiet time and see what happens!


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