What Do You Fear?

Last night, I spoke to our youth group on the idea of “Don’t Be Afraid”. The craziness that God continually tells people throughout history, “Do not be afraid because I’ve got your back and I will never let go.” Well, he may not say it exactly like that but when we look at that theme, His motive is clear; he is always by my side. And yet, I continually forget that He’s got my back.

It’s interesting what fear does to us.

Similarly, our staff is going through Seth Godin’s Poke The Box. This morning I found this part fascinating because of what’s going on in my life currently. The goals that are far from being 100% complete or even at its best because of the fear that holds me back. Here’s what Godin says;

“I was helping a kid learn how to ride a two-wheeler. He informed me that he didn’t really want to learn how to ride a bike. His reasons were quite thoughtful: he doesn’t live near a bike pat, he doesn’t really have anywhere to ride, it gets his pants dirty, none of his friends ride bikes, and so on.”
“Upon engaging in some Socratic dialogue, though, we eventually got to the heart of the matter: he was afraid to learn.”

“We’re extremely adroit at hiding our fear. Most of our lives in public are spent papering over, rationalizing, and otherwise denying our fear. We go to war because we’re afraid, and we often go to spiritual events for the very same reason. But, we’re not kids and this is not a bike. The purpose of this manifesto is not to magically extinguish your fear. It’s to call its bluff. Identifying the “fear of go” is the first step on the road to making the fear go away. If you can embrace the idea that your success and happiness are tied up in defeating the fear that’s holding you back, you’re 90% of the way to where you need to go.”



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