Top Ten Billionaires and the Water Epidemic?

I was chatting with my pastor, Steve, about the current water crisis. The fact that 5,000 people die a day from water related diseases or more simply, the lack of water. It’s crazy to me that just 10 billion dollars would solve this water crisis yet, as Steve was telling me, we as Americans spend 450 billion dollars a year on Christmas alone. Imagine what we all could do to help…

Afterwards, I started thinking about people that could help with this and came across this link. Top Ten Billionaires – Funny to think that there are 1,210 billionaires in the world – a net worth of 4.5 trillion dollars. The way I see it … Imagine if each one gave 10 million dollars a small dent in their pockets.

But Steve reminded me that we as Americans could be the solution… That the American church could probably write this check and solve the water crisis today. So why don’t we? What are your thoughts on this?


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