“To not risk is to risk not living”

I was going through some old message notes a few days ago and I came across a quote from Pastor Mike Breaux from Heartland Community Church in Rockford. His comment was, “To not risk is to risk not living.” This started a trail of thought in my mind throughout the last couple of days that ended with me asking a question that I sat on for about an hour during some solitude time today. As I think about the question that I asked myself, I sometimes wish I didn’t ask it because it challenges the way I view God in my life and question how good His plan is.

The question I asked myself is: “When will I come to the realization that God’s plan is ultimately better than my plan? Because if I’m not continually seeking or listening to Gods plan, the truth is, I don’t believe it’s better.”

If faith can move a mountain, what could God do with my life when I put 100% of my faith in His plan?


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