Something I’ve Learned As A Youth Pastor

As a youth pastor, I’ve learned something that continues to wreck me every time I speak. No matter where I am or what I’m speaking on, I continue to feel a similar feeling. That feeling is that it doesn’t matter if my message is the absolute best that any student has ever heard (although I know the importance of why to work really hard at making it the best you can) and that it doesn’t matter all that much if every student doesn’t grab something out of it.

Last night, as I was speaking, it continued to feel like any other message. As I spoke, I continued to notice the students in the group that were grasping what I was getting at. As I finished up and we ended with some great worship, it continued to go on like any other night. But, I received a text before locking up the doors and that text gave me that feeling that I had mentioned prior. Because the second half of that feeling is that while it doesn’t matter all that much if not every student grasps something from my message – it’s so worth it when one student walks away feeling changed or challenged.

If only one person walks away changed or challenged, it was worth it.


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