Power of a Story

Last Friday, I spoke at Fremd High School in Palatine for a rally that was being held with California School Project. To start, it was great being able to show my wife around my old “stomping grounds” if you will, and spend some time where I grew up. It was unbelievable the feelings I got as I walked into that school. Everything from the smell to the look of the lighting to the familiar teachers walking through the halls that brought back such prominent memories. It continually reminded me of how God moved through that school when I attended.

The great part about returning was that I had a great opportunity to speak and share the gospel to over 100 students that attended. It amazed me at how in tune these students were though.

About 2 years ago, I got some great advice from a mentor of mine that continued to say, “Don’t find stories [when you speak]. They want to hear from you and no one else.” That continued to deem true every time I spoke. But for some reason as the next year went on, I started using other peoples stories and stories that I found to get different points across. As that seemed to work, I stuck with it.

We are a people of stories. We love stories, grew up with stories, can’t get enough of stories! About a week ago, another person I completely look up to reminded me of the power of my story. So I decided to tell it as I spoke at Fremd. It’s phenomenal to see how God works through your story.


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