What Are You Thankful For?

Tuesday’s are our normal youth staff meetings. We get together with our group of youth pastors from all campuses to check-in, go through planning, pray together and go over any fine details to services that week. Today was different though, in a good way. Our “Executive Director” (or as we call him, other youth guy) started with a great word that truly made us think about what we are truly thankful or grateful for. We took about 15 minutes to come up with 3 things to share with one another. As this may sound cliche, we thought it was to. But, this simple activity proved to not only be a great way to bring clarity to areas of our lives that God has truly blessed, but to also see how God has worked through and blessed each of our lives on both a ministry level and a personal level.

Everyone shared some excellent things, but one shared something that I think everyone should take away. He quoted a few pieces from Brennan Manning’s Ruthless Trust, but said that one thing that he found to be so real was this:

When people talk about what it means to be a more “mature Christian,” people usually refer it to one that has biblical knowledge, spiritual wisdom or even experience in ministry. As those are important, he said that he understands spiritual maturity to be evident when you are grateful. If you’re not grateful or thankful for what God is doing in every season of life, or for God’s grace, provision and blessings in life, that really tells us something about our “spiritual maturity.”

So what are you truly thankful for?


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