Pastor Dibaj

Pastor Mehdi Dibaj was an upper-class Muslim in Iran but he and his family converted to Christianity. He was arrested in 1985 for helping translate and make Christ known in a Muslim country and denying the Muslim faith. At one point, Dibaj was imprisoned for 2 years in a cramped hole with no room to stretch his legs. The government tried hard to force him AND his family to denounce their new found faith in Christ by unnecessary and cruel means. The court condemned him to death but one month later, he was set free due to international attention. Soon after though, he was found dead in a park. (Believed by some Islamic leaders).

The most powerful part of the story, “As he faced the court that would sentence him to death, Pastor Dibaj said, “I prefer to know that God, the Almighty, is with me, even if it means that the whole world is against me.” He had learned the secret of being able to stand alone among men —standing with God.” – Jesus Freak



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