Great words from Larry Osborne at Christ Together Forum

Larry Osborne is Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA. Today, we had the privilege to hear him speak to a large group of church leaders at our annual Christ Together Forum. He shared a great word on keeping our teams and ourselves from derailment from the mission of the Church.

As there were many takeaways, he shared a few things that spoke so much truth. During a 30 year study, it was found that people that have a career in the fast track usually hit derailment after a while because of two main reasons: (1) Lack of people skills and (2) the inability to adapt to change. It was also found that when those two were prominent skills, those people were successful.

In the church, the same is true.  In 1 Cor 9, Paul says that he will become all things to all people so that he may win some.  He himself says change is necessary.

As we went deeper, he also shared 4 danger zones that we as church leaders need to be aware of. They are:
Talking only to ourselves – playing the me card or staying within our own team.  The solution most likely comes from an outside source. Maybe even outside the church.
Idolizing the past – Ecc 7:10.  We tend to think or wish our ministries were “like the good ‘ole days’.”  But today is the good ‘ole days’! God put us here at this moment for a reason. God will use us when our eyes are on Him and look toward Him for the future.
When we mission creep – when we abandon our mission and chase our successes.  We always start with good intent but don’t adapt to the change that we need to.  A great analogy is that it tends to look like we aim and shoot our arrows at a bullseye. When we miss, we just draw a new bullseye around the missed arrows and go from there. It’s important to keep the mission at the center and adapt to change as it comes.
Easy to cling to comfortable patterns of relationships – The ones we train and raise up, or even the opposite, and they derail the ministry, sometimes we don’t love them enough to let them go. We need to be willing to give people up for the sake of the mission. And for the sake of the mission, we need to be able to let go of things, and certainly those relationships, that are comfortable.

Any thoughts on that?


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