What is impatience? :Adjective: – having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.

This society shows a ridiculous amount of “impatience.”  For the past few days, I’ve sat in 5 different coffee houses.  All have a great, relaxing atmosphere, music that seems to soothe the mind, great food and quality made drinks and employees that seem to wait on hand and foot to create quality service; yet every single place is bombarded with a handful (or 5) of impatient customers.

While sitting at Starbucks, a customer comes in ordering a non-fat, carmel latte with 2 pumps of chocolate (but not a mocha) with steamed milk at a temperature of 150 degrees yet not too foamy and not burnt.  She requests that the barista put in 1 Splenda in between the shots at the bottom of the cup before pouring the milk.  Oh, and asks for it to be completed in the next 30 seconds…

After sitting at coffee houses for a few days now, and being a barista for a short 2 years, that’s at least a 4 minute drink order. Not to mention the line had been out the door for 20 minutes prior to her coming in, and still is when she orders. She receives the drink angrily, 2 minutes later. Bitterly asking the barista for another sleeve, as her personally, 150 degree, drink was too hot for her one, complimentary sleeve, she stared at the barista as if the barista now owes her something because she was a minute and thirty seconds too busy.  Storming out of the coffee house, half the people in the coffee house connect eyes, thinking the same thing, “how can someone be so impatient?”

Check yourself: When was the last time you were impatient? Who was it towards… a family member, a friend, someone you care about, was it towards someone you don’t even know?

When was the last time your impatience was outwardly expressed towards God?

Open the book:
Galatians 5:22
1 Thessalonians 5:14

“Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing, omnipotence, and love.” – Unknown


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